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Frequently asked Questions


Our family business was created with the mission of providing a luxury setting where people can relax in the rural village of Gundaroo. 

We value our customers and know that our business is only as good as our service. A satisfied and happy guest is our aim and the Roosting Rewards program is specifically to provide incentives, rewards and excuses to come back and visit again.

It is free to join and each night's stay can be validated with a 'stamp' and as you gain stamps you are rewarded.

The Nest

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Reasons to Return...

1.  On your visit night's stamp, you will be added to our exclusive Roosting Rewards discounts and will receive (3 times annually) details on discounts, promotional offers and great deals that are not open to the general public.

2. On your 5th night stay you will receive a free box of chocolates.

3. On your 10th night stay, you receive a free night (11th night) to use when ever you wish in the next year.

1. Does the Roosting Rewards program cost anything?  No.

2. Why should I join?  The Nest rewards your return visits over time with promotional offers, free gifts and even free night stays. We want to give you good reasons to come back and let us host you again.

3. How do I join?  Download the free StampMe app from the app Store or Google Play (onto your phone). Create a new account and then from the Menu select AROUND ME.  Find The Nest at Gundaroo and tap JOIN.

4. How do I get my first stamp? Validate your current stay by tapping StampMe and holding your phone over the StampMe Device that is located in each of our villas/rooms.  You can only validate your current stay while you are on the property in your villa.

5. How many times can I stamp?  You can validate each night's stay by holding your phone over the StampMe device. You can do one stamp every 24 hours PER PERSON. Your stamps accumulate and earn you Roosting Rewards over time.

6. Can I give my rewards to someone else? If you earn a free night then yes, you can give that to anyone you wish and we will place the booking in that person's name. Other current and planned future rewards, such as chocolates, are redeemed on your stay at The Nest.

7. I need technical support as I can't seem to join, validate or be part of the Roosting Rewards program.  Email Lana on and she will call you and walk you through it, or she can manually add you to the program and redeem your stays regardless of technical problems.